How much does it cost to use 400Hitter?

The cost for 400Hitter is $60 per team per year. This comes down to $4 per player or less, depending on roster sizes. Payment is due a few weeks into the start of a season. Returning leagues get a courtesy rebate each year.

How easy is it to setup?

The initial setup of your league for a new season is very easy. You provide us with your conference and divisional alignments and we setup your league in our database. Your webmaster can iframe 400Hitter pages into your own site. See the featured leagues on the main page for examples of how leagues use 400Hitter.

How easy is it to use during the season?

After you play each game, you simply add the game to 400hitter using simple web based tools. Then you enter the book statistics of each player for that game. Most of the statistics are calculated automatically. It is quick and easy.

Can an individual team use 400Hitter even if their entire league does not choose to participate?

Yes, your team can use 400Hitter without your entire league using it. However, we encourage you to lobby your league president and directors of your league to use 400Hitter, and take advantage of the full set of statistics and features.

How quickly are the stats available for friends, family, fans, and other people surfing the web?

The statistics are available as soon they are entered. The public site shows the team stats, player stats, league leaders, all charting and splits, career stats, schedules & scores, game summaries, and a lot more, all in real-time.

Can I enter statistics from past seasons into 400Hitter?

Yes. However, this requires that past seasons be setup in the 400Hitter database so the statistics have a place to be stored. Data from past seasons can be integrated into the career statistics feature of 400Hitter. We can do this by request.

Can I control the conditions for how specific stats are calculated - i.e. how ERA is calculated, how many players to show in league leaders, qualifying plate appearances and innings pitched for leaders, etc?

The league commissioner can set parameters that determine how some of the statistics are calculated and how some pages are displayed when the public views the statistics for your league.

What are some of the other features available to managers that use 400Hitter?

Manager's have the ability to view and export roster information in Microsoft Excel, XML, and custom formats, if requested. The league president or league commissioner can also view and export roster information for the purpose of mailing league publications or newsletters.

Can a league schedule of games be imported into 400Hitter?

The commissioner can enter or import the master game schedule for a season, and each manager can enter results of games into the schedule. Game summaries can be entered very quickly and easily, with inning-by-inning scoring.

Are box scores available in 400Hitter?

Yes. Box scores are automatically generated from schedules and statistics.

Why aren't there any pop-up or pop-under advertising windows and why aren't the 400Hitter pages cluttered with banner advertising?

400Hitter does not use this type of advertising because it is annoying, and very few people ever intentionally click banner ads or pop-up ads.

Is there a Web API available for developers to access 400Hitter?

Yes. Almost all the statistics generated on the various pages in 400Hitter are also available through a SOAP Web Service API.